Here’s How to Complete a Divorce Procedure Without Money

The entire of process of divorce is taxing. Starting from the distressed mindset to financial condition, it takes a lot for the divorcees throughout the process. Especially, women find it difficult to survive this phase. For those are unemployed or having financial crunch may encounter the process of separation quite expensive.

Apart from the lawyer’s expense, the additional court fees can cost a lot of sum. However, women can still get a cheap divorce by cutting down the court fees. Depending on a number of circumstances, one can waiver the fee. Some of the major situations and aspects are discussed below:

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  • Shaving off Cost for Indigents

According to the norm, every state has a provision for wavering the court fees during the filing of divorce. However, individuals need to fall under the category of indigents to get eligible for this special feature. This is indeed an effective way to get a cheap divorce with proper formalities. This allowance is designed especially for the people with limited financial capability. Individuals can get hold of a professional lawyer to know more about this benefit-driven feature.

  • Obtaining the Forms

The next step is all about procuring the divorce form as a continuation of the cheap divorce procedure. Individuals have the option of filling the form online and offline. In case of online forms, the applicants need to ask for the fee waiver option. They must go through the brochure to get a comprehensive idea of the entire procedure.

For people who prefer to stick to the offline mode, need to visit the courthouse to get the forms. It is always advisable to learn every nitty gritty from the clerks to get the option of fees waiver. One needs to fill up the following information to make the process easier:

  • Reason of divorce
  • Assets details
  • Child custody if any
  • Date of marriage
  • Debts
  • Alimony
  • Distribution of marital assets

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  • Furnishing Proof

This is another significant step individuals must pay proper heed. In order to make their situations more credible, the applicants must furnish proper documents. Below given are some of the major court needs:

  1. Source of income if any
  2. Tax returns if any
  3. Social security
  4. Loan
  5. Utility bills
  6. Child support
  7. Payroll
  8. Liquidity
  9. Debts
  10. Assets

These documents will help the court to evaluate the situation to fend off the mandatory cost.

  • Filing for Fee Waiver

After dealing with the documentation process, individuals have to look for the filing process. Precisely, they need to file the papers. To do so, the applicants need to complete the process of notarization. They can get notarize the forms at their associated banks. Moreover, they also have the option to seek help from the clerks.

  • Proper Evaluation

To assess the situation, the court usually calls the applicants to ask some questions. Post hearing session, after a thorough evaluation, the waiver generally gets approved. Once the applicants get the consent, they can have an overall cheap divorce procedure.

For those who find this entire procedure perplexing can take the aid of a professional divorce lawyer.