Complete Guide About Labor Lawyer

What is a labor lawyer?

A labor lawyer is a legal professional who has specialized in labor law or also called labor law. The labor law is the branch of law that specializes in legal relations between employers and workers, caused by a voluntary benefit, subordinated, and remunerated human activity for the production of goods and services. To practice the profession of Toronto labour lawyer you need to be a bachelor in law and obtain the title of lawyer. The title of a lawyer is granted by a university in the name of the Nation. After obtaining a law degree, you must obtain a specialization.

toronto labour lawyer

What advantages will it give you if you hire a labor lawyer?

You can save time by hiring this expert:

This expert is familiar with labor law and its supplementary norms. Part of its obligations is to be constantly investigating the new legislation, jurisprudence and administrative pronouncements, especially those from the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion – MTPE in labor matters and the Superintendence of Labor Inspection – SUNAFIL.

If you are responsible for HR management:

You are guaranteed to comply with laws, regulations, and procedures. This way you can avoid possible labor contingencies or penalties by the Labor Administration or at the judicial level.

toronto labour lawyer

A labor lawyer knows:

All important areas in labor matters. Also, many times these professionals are knowledgeable in other areas of managing human resources such as people management, risk prevention, and management work environment.

Contribution of greater legal certainty:

In the case that the client is a company. This will have better advice so it will avoid many future contingencies thanks to the labor law professional.

Advice on employment contracts:

The labor law lawyer can provide the best advice in terms of hiring workers. Optimizing the contractual processes, saving costs to companies and providing the best type and contractual design specific to the needs of each company and according to the specific characteristics of the labor and worker relationship.

toronto labour lawyer

Protection against contingencies:

One of the main problems of a non- specialized advice on labor law is to be liable to fines or inspective procedures by the Ministry of Labor or another State entity that regulates labor issues such as SUNAT.

Protection of worker rights:

The labor lawyer is responsible for recomposing the violated rights of a worker. Both with the defense of this in trials or possible labor conciliations or by writing letters to be able to present to the company.

When to hire a labor lawyer?

Here is one of the most interesting questions of when to hire or let you advise by a labor lawyer.

In the case of a company, it must be especially advised by a lawyer or a team of labor lawyers since these will be responsible for the orientation of the company in labor matters. Creating the entire structure in the company in labor matters such as contracts, sanctions regime, attendance control procedures, compensation, work regulations, etc. In the case of workers, a labor lawyer is necessary when any doubt about labor matters arises.


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