Get an Overview of Child Sponsorship in Canada

It is often seen that immigrant people residing in Canada have their children outside the country. This also happens in case of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. However, thanks to the country’s progressive approach, it offers unconditional citizenship to the children born abroad. With the aid of an experienced child sponsorship lawyer parents can bring in home their children living outside Canada.

This nationality law is crafted by the Citizenship Act that allows who are eligible to be a citizen of Canada. According to the statistics, only a few countries grant citizenship to the children of foreign nationals & Canada is the most lenient nation. For those who want to bring their foreign children to live in this country, go through this quick guideline:

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Starting with basic requirements to sponsor

As per as the instruction of a child sponsorship lawyer, to get the final approval, a sponsor needs to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must reside in Canada
  • Should have a minimum income to undertake the child for the next 10 years post arrival in Canada

Hence, before applying for a child sponsorship application, the applicants must check all these factors mentioned above for a smooth transition. Post verification of the qualities, the immigration authorities will further process the application for permanent residence. Hence, this is a two-step process with less stringent formalities.

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Importance of income

The rule states that there is no minimum requirement for the sponsor to suffice. However, the authority will evaluate the sponsors’ asset/income to understand their capability for taking children’s responsibility on arrival. If the applicants are found to incapable to financially support their dependent children may face a rejection right away. So, it is always advisable to talk to a child sponsorship lawyer to avoid such an unpleasant scenario.

Now comes the type of parent-child relationship and their eligibility

Talking about the relationship, it is meant to be biological or non-biological. To be more precise:

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Get an Overview of Child Sponsorship in Canada

  • Adopted: Adopted children outside Canada, and also the ones who will be adopted after arriving are eligible to have permanent residence. In some cases, they are also eligible to get direct Canadian citizenship. However, people need to take care of the fact that the adoption should obey the legal rules of both the birth country and Canada. Furthermore, the immigration authorities will minutely assess for a better understanding of the adoption process.

If they find out that the adoption will serve no better interest & the child may be best catered in his/her home nation, there is a chance of rejection.

  • Orphan of a close relative: This is another advantage where applicants have the right to sponsor an orphaned child of their close relative. However, the orphan needs to be an unmarried under 18 years. To fetch the permanent citizenship, the orphan needs to be siblings, nephew/niece or even grandchild of the sponsor.

Before wrapping

A big advantage is that not every foreign-born child needs to sponsor as some of them can be eligible for direct citizenship. This complied with the Citizenship Act on April 17, 2009. According to the norm, the first generation born abroad can automatically get Canadian citizenship or permanent residence. So, those who are planning to apply for a sponsorship in the near future may contact a professional child sponsorship lawyer for a successful process.

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